P90X2 Debut Trailer Has Finally Arrived

In 2001 fitness expert Tony Horton decided to partner up with an up and coming fitness company called Beachbody. The team decided to break the mold and introduce something new and fresh to the decades long declining in home workout video market. Ten years later the team is still setting the bar higher with the much-anticipated P90X2 program.

In the beginning, Tony and his Beachbody counterparts spent countless hours preparing and researching for their first compilation of workout videos called Power 90. Nearly 10 years later Power 90 with its simplistic yet results driven approach is still selling strong and helping people all over the world get fit and healthy.

Due to the success of Power 90 and the fact that many exercisers seemed to understand and respond well to the muscle confusion theory behind power 90, the team decided to push the envelope even further. Tony knew that the time was right to bring to market a program unlike any other. His wish was to build upon the base he created with Power 90, yet take it to an eXreme level.

In the spring of 2004 P90X; taken from the original Power 90 series while at the same time being a 90 day eXtreme workout was born. P90X although a slow seller mainly due to its price (nearly double that of Power 90) in the early days has grown to become a household name. P90X has morphed into the undisputed "Heavy Weight" champion of all workout programs selling more copies than any other fitness program ever produced.

Tony Horton in his quirky yet infinitely wise and motivating demeanor broke the mold with Power 90 and pushed the envelope with P90X. With all of this success Tony felt more work was needed and in the summer of 2010 began to assemble his troops of experts to work on his next project.

In the summer of 2010 the ever popular P90X program had just hit its 6th birthday. Within those 6 years amazing things were happening for the P90X franchise. Nearly 4 million copies had been distributed, resulting in over 20,000 YouTube video success stories as well as hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans. With all the success though many grads soon realized a 90 day program could only be recycled so many times.

Tony Horton being the perceptive and proactive fitness trainer that he is quickly recognized that something else was needed in order continue his muscle confusion legacy. This is why in the late summer of 2010 a new endeavor was initiated. The super secret project originally called P90X:MC2 (Muscle Confusion 2) and P90NeXt was in development.

Nearly a year later the long-awaited and rumored sequel to P90X is official. P90X2 as it will aptly be named is scheduled to be launched in the fall of 2011. The very first trailer for this workout program has been released therefore solidifying the reality of this sequel.

The stakes have never been higher for Beachbody and for Mr. Horton. While P90X fans the world over are chomping at the bit for the long overdue sequel, this P90X2 trailer will just have to now!