Dansko Shoes Are Comfortable Above All Else

Dansko literally means "Danish Shoe," and the founders pride themselves in making the most comfortable shoes on the market. What started out as a horse-buying trip to Denmark more than 20 years ago, turned into a passion for the closed-back clog, which eventually evolved into a Pennsylvania-based shoe company. Beginning with one employee in 1993, the company has grown to 130 employees today. Dansko shoes has become a premiere employer with a mission of making a difference in the community. The original design was a replica of that Danish closed-back clog and has evolved into an extensive shoe line for men, women, and children.

Every shoe in the collection has the same basic contoured anatomic fit for the foot, and provides comfort and support while promoting an aligned footstep that will reduce fatigue. The women's shoe collection includes clogs, boots, and heels as well as the specialty line of women's sandals. Colors include browns, blacks, tans, and rich reds to complement any wardrobe. Stability is achieved through the wide base for the heel, and the toe box that has extra room for comfort. Taking a step on the rocker bottom of the shoe is comfortable and promotes proper posture.

Dansko also produces an entire men's shoe line that includes clogs, boots, and the most recent offering is men's sandals. Men are especially hard on their shoes because they tend to wear the same pair in every possible setting. Durable shoes are not always comfortable unless they carry the Dansko label. When a man invests in his first pair of clogs, he never wears another brand. He may try another style, but he will not venture from his favorite.

The children's shoe line includes classic Mary Jo style shoes that are perfect for formal occasions like weddings, pageants, and young musicians' performances. The patent leather finish is striking, and young people will be comfortable and stylish in these unique shoes.

As a company, Dansko encourages employees to volunteer in charitable organizations because they continue to pay the employee's salaries for volunteer time away from work during normal business hours. Matching the employee's salary and donating that amount to the charity where each employee volunteers is on way that Dansko is "leaving the world a better place than we found it." Every employee takes pride in their role of making Dansko shoes because the company has taken pride in the community and made their company into a family.